• Lamp Base finished, electronics installed

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    The lamp base printed for about seven hours, a majority of the outer edges peeled off of the print bed slightly, but not enough to cause any major issues. A strip of 60 RGB LEDs was cut down to 24 LEDs to fit the base, wires were run and the strip was hot-glued to the base. Worth mentioning that they were hot-glued without the use of a hot-glue gun, only using a glue stick and a cigarette lighter my brother found somewhere outside. A USB cable was cut to expose the individual wires within, the hot and ground wires soldered to an Arduino Nano. The same was done for the hot, ground, and data wires for the light strip. The Nano was glued down, the generated code uploaded to the board.

    Code generator:


  • Clay Baked

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    Aluminum foil was used to support the clay during baking, as the clay block and a box of toothpicks was used to support it on my desk and could not survive oven temperatures. After the supports were placed the pan and sculpture were very carefully carried into the kitchen and placed in the oven for eight minutes at 275ºF. After the eight minutes it was removed from the oven and left to cool. The clay was still quite soft when it came out of the oven but hardened as it cooled.

  • Sculpting Finished

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