scalable hardware for neural network system

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scalable hardware for neural network system

  • Horizontal

    3drobert2 days ago 0 comments

    Communication with the selected slave still needs to be set but wires they are there too (RA0-RA1 in master; RC0 in slaves)

  • enhancements

    3drobert2 days ago 0 comments

    USB is ready in the same manner of ESP now.

    I'm going to add slave selection signal wires to fix up slaves-master communication problems definitely.

    Also I'm going to set the set in horizontal instead vertical.

  • USB instead ESP8266

    3drobert4 days ago 0 comments

    I achieved to communicate PICmaster and PC by USB. I had some problems with WIFI sometimes and training was turning off. Now I can use WIFI or USB(default)

    I'm going to make some corrections and try a long training without cuts :)

    Also I want this mode to communicate with Jetson Nano 

  • PyTorch. C++ & Python socket

    3drobert11/29/2021 at 02:31 0 comments

    I have created a new socket on port 10000 to communicate with a python script (when PyTorch mode is enabled), to allow train&save traced Net created when inputs/outputs is received from MCU.

    Now from C++ must detect the saved models and load these on the new class PTNets.

  • PyTorch, Jetson nano...

    3drobert11/27/2021 at 00:59 0 comments

    while I'm wait gearmotors I'm installing PyTorch and seeing about Jetson Nano to be able run webcamera+convolution and try to communicate this with ngbrain

  • motor replacement

    3drobert11/25/2021 at 16:43 0 comments

    I have made some code changes and apparently this is learning finally but the PAP motor is weak and I'm trying with others DC motors.

    I have ordered two gearmotors now and H-bridges modules. Also I'm going to think another method to make basic tests while I'm waiting this... or try to use with the final printed robot I had but this need some retouchs

  • training test

    3drobert11/23/2021 at 19:44 0 comments

    I think I have fixed up some errors I had. I'm testing but if problems persist then I'm going to try pytorch C++ too

  • opencv triangle detection

    3drobert11/18/2021 at 16:03 0 comments

    opencv triangle detection for ngbrain reward system

  • cv inRange playground

    3drobert11/17/2021 at 21:54 0 comments

    Enhancing OpenCV reward system. Now detect blue triangles concretely

    With this basic I think there is enough for the moment. I'll pass it to C ++ and reward when it goes up and I'll see how I penalize

  • pendulum adapted

    3drobert11/16/2021 at 14:18 0 comments

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dearuserhron wrote 09/14/2021 at 21:17 point

The idea of using multiple small MCUs instead of big one always was on my mind. The hardest part is to get them talk to each other.

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3drobert wrote 09/14/2021 at 21:40 point

I try to divide the work as much as possible so that the master only has to listen to the data of its associated sensor from the slaves and send it all via WIFI to the PC. And receive the action also via WIFI and indicate it to the slave that has that action associated with it.

Even one of the 3 MCUs of the slaves is just to coordinate the other two which are one MCU for the gyroscope and the other MCU for the servo. So that the information is quickly available and flows without much of a jam in making calculations when the master requests things from the slaves.
I have activated PLL to achieve 48MHz too

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kavinjhon8 wrote 08/09/2021 at 06:19 point

Thanks for sharing this project details. I also work on different projects. Feel free to visit:

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