two slaves sending

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scalable hardware for neural network system

3drobert3drobert 10/18/2021 at 15:590 Comments

I have replaced the two transistors that going from slave to master by simple diodes and finally work.

I thinked I was problems with ST levels on RC1 (as MISO) and I replaced this by TTL using another pin but it not was the problem and either other causes that I thinked and tested...

I need to pause this project sometimes (no much time) because I have multiples ownmade parts and these parts have brought me many headaches and many coding time and I need stop and take this long-term project with many calm, no hurries refactorings to easily understand any part after a long time and allow me touch new interesting projects too :)

I will need to make new clean PCBs soon. These are already somewhat touched and exist new small changes too