Stepper motor/PWM selector on actuator-MCU

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3drobert3drobert 10/27/2021 at 20:530 Comments

I'm going to prepare one driver for this stepper motor. I will need to think how will I do so I can to change the mode on the actuator MCU. Maybe a switch like the sensor MCU which now has slector for ADC/MPU. Or Maybe I will isolate the actuator to be interchangeable on slaves (modular). This only receive the "action to execute" from main slave MCU (sensor->mainSlave->actuator)

Already I have two slaves. One using sensor only (MPU9265) and the other sensor and actuator (MPU9265 & PWMservo) but I need to more angle to move the pendulum.


This config I found is not good (I think). I need an H bridge


with H-bridge and ground raised seem works but Is not the better option


If I want put ground as common I would need symetrical voltage. So I'm going to try with earth raised by the moment.

If I use the first only I would not taking advantage of two coils polarization

And I see this use the MCU pin current not from collector!!! :S


but with common on VCC this not use the current from pin.

+1 but still I don't understand how to invert the direction in the same coil as this manner (if is neccesary)


according to this it's not neccesary +1