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scalable hardware for neural network system

3drobert3drobert 07/19/2022 at 14:170 Comments

I was serious problems to have a placefully home latelly and I went to an agreed place but there have been big setbacks and currently I'm sharing house after even bigger problems after abandon the house (lodging house, sleeping on my ancient car with belongings, without air conditioning and heat wave, etc...). it's been crazy.

I don't want to be in a shared house but really the problems could have been worse. I had received many help from my job and I'm very gratefully to them for that.

I had no choice and I had to put all my belongings in a storage room :(. Currently only I have my clothes and my PC now. It's a long story for not to sleep.

I hope being able to have everything back with me and continue with my normal life.

I don't know when could be but I hope soon.

27 removals I have already in my life :S. Always forward ;)