Urus System is the first autoconfigurable and scalable BRAIN MODULE and a CAPE IO for ROBOTICS and AUTOMATED Systems, thinking on industrial aplications.

We highlighted that an owner with APM* 2.x (legacy) board owner can work with lastest APM* autopilot releases version.

This system have two parts that their work together:

URUS is a fork and work in progress project from the APM* master branch.

All Urus Ecosystem is free software project under GPL v3 license, it's open sourced and writed in ANSI* C/C++, focused to develop a reliable true realtime system for industrials applications or make it as a flight controller for drones or autopilot unmanned vehicles systems.

As maybe you know, Urus system is a new interface-vehicle system handling all io hardware with a new HAL called SHAL between the top hal and the urus system target hardware, and basically it's an hybrid hal between the other side hal.

The Urus System purpose are giving to us a comunication and development way to ardupilot api with an easy and realiable system through Urus Protocol, for example, if you are an owner apm 2.x board and you want to use the last master ardupilot version, then you can use the urus cape io and connect it with a Raspberry pi or NuttX board or with a PX4 board (work in progress for this board).

Ok, you doesn't have a legacy board, but you have a trainer board like Nucleo board (stm32f446) then you will can use the urus cape io and the urus system to run on it with the master and with NuttX directly.

Urus team has developed a complete ecosystem for you and for APM* developer will can develop with a new graphical ide called Urus Studio and have a customized "EXOKERNEL" using the linux base kernel for fast and realtime on ARM architecture, it is publishing the source code on the urus team repo. The documentation is work in progress, so don't worry, it's progressive publishing.

We are updating the documentation and development at:


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NOTICE: URUS is an enhanced software library and application development ecosystem for specific autopilot systems purposes like Ardupilot project and is not yet officially inside the Ardupilot project development.