Fast delegate C++ for Urus SHAL

A project log for URUS

Universal Robotic Unmanned System

Hiroshi TakeyHiroshi Takey 09/16/2017 at 02:550 Comments


We pushed a source code and examples to the Urus repo one of the important piece from Urus and Ardupilot abtraction layer.

We truth on it for the well, research and study about the technology that is using on the advanced autopilot and robotics system.

This is a fast delegate C++ for Urus SHAL for backward compatibilities with APM 2.x Boards.

What do you could do with it?

Well, this is used in the heart of Ardupilot hardware abstraction layer and the URUS Shal to store functions in pointers with posibilities to execute them dinamically anywhere on your program, for example interactively in a loop.

Have a fun!