Keyboard with color keys..

.. consists of two 74hc595 and one atmega8. Firmware does keyboard scan and acts as an SPI slave to the Raspberry Pi. Commands are 1 byte long are used to report state of the keyboard, four keys per time.

Userspace keyboard driver for RPi..

.. actually not yet feature rich. It is able to move the mouse cursor. If you plan to implement your userspace keyboard, grab the code and improve it. I will pack some additional features in it and upload it here, someday.

Two Li-ion cells and dc-dc converters..

This is my powerbank. Accompanied with an old phone-charger, it becomes an Uninterruptable Power Supply.


.. acts as a voltmeter (coupled with 1k resistor and switch). It is used to tell how mush power I have spared in batteries. 8 volts means that battery is full (ca. 3 hours without recharge). 6 volts means that protection circuit on one of the batteries will soon cut it off, so I have to shutdown system and look for power socket nearby. It is fixed using hot-melt glue, like everything else I do.