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A multifunctional home display and optical notification system for everyone

FabFab 05/31/2021 at 14:470 Comments

Hey guys,

Apart from the pxlBlck_pot and pxlBLck_SlotClock there is another member of the pxlBlck family: the pxlBlck_8x8 This uses an 8x8 WS2812 LED matrix to display icons and animations and is powered by an ESP8266 as well. So you can use the complete range of functions of ESPEasy again.

Due to the limited display resolution, it was not so easy to find a clock face with which you can show both hours and minutes simultaneously on the display. The clock face shown now shows the number of hours by means of the large visible number. The minutes are shown by means of the displayed pixels. The display consists of 8x8 = 64 pixels. So the pixels in the corners of the square are not used to display the minutes. Reading down to the minute is unfortunately not as fast / intuitive with this dial as with the dials for the larger LED matrixes, but you can at least roughly estimate how far the hour has progressed (or not). : D

If you have any other ideas for a clock face on such a small LED matrix, I look forward to your comment. :)

The full build article incl. material list ist available here:

And of course some pictures following. :)

Overview of some example icons. (Yes the instagram-icon needs a little redesign. :D)