The pxlBlck_multiPCB

A project log for pxlBlck - An unobtrusive home information display

A multifunctional home display and optical notification system for everyone

FabFab 05/31/2021 at 15:310 Comments

After the first revision, many tests and a few anxious minutes, in which I thought my T-962 reflow oven had grilled all 100 WS2812 3535 LEDs on the pxlBlck_multiPCB, I was able to put my current pxlBlck project into operation.

With the pxlBlck_multiPCB I try to accommodate the pxlBlck typical functions on a compact PCB.

For this purpose, a 10x10 LED matrix made of WS2812 3535 LEDs is installed on the front of the board. As usual, animations, icons, scrolling texts and other notifications can be displayed on this.

An ESP32 Wrover-B including programming circuit and USB-C connection is installed on the back.

The built-in sensors can also be used to read humidity, temperature, air pressure, brightness, UV index, 12 touch electrodes and acceleration values / orientation. In addition, additional sensors can be connected via the #qwiic connection.

The built-in 3W I2S DAC also works. MP3 files can be played via the integrated micro SD card slot or as an audio stream via WiFi.

Another WS2812 LED strip can be connected via the #Stemma 3pin connector. In this way you could (for example) set up a kind of "Ambilight".

I also installed soldering pads to connect finished Neopixel matrices. So you can connect and properly fuse them (3A fuse) to the PCB in case you want to use other matrix sizes.

Thanks to the USB-C connection, the connected matrix can also be supplied with up to 15W power. :)