MAX98357 I2S Class D amplifier test

A project log for pxlBlck - An unobtrusive home information display

A multifunctional home display and optical notification system for everyone

FabFab 06/02/2021 at 16:230 Comments

This section of the pxlBlck_multiPCB is literally self-explaining. :D

On the first revision of the PCB I was already able to test the 3W I2S DAC. The MAX98357 I2S Class D amplifier is connected to the ESP32 via I2S. MP3s can be played from the inserted micro SD card, web radio can be streamed or text can be read aloud. 

The goal is that the pxlBlcks will soon also be able to play audio data. For example, you could be informed acoustically about events in your Home. Alternatively, you could also play a web radio stream in this way. :)

In the following video I did a little test with the Google TTS engine.