Project Summary

This tutorial will cover how to use Signal bot API to send notifications and images from ESP32 to your signal account. At the end of this tutorial, we will use two buttons connected to ESP32.

The first button will send a message showing the total Button press count to your signal app. Another button press will send an image to your Signal app.

Here is the project breakdown:

It’s a simple project using API for interacting with the Signal app. You can use it in your IoT or any Home automation project based on ESP.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Introduction to Signal app

The Signal is a cross-platform centralized encrypted messaging service. It uses the internet to send a message such as an image, voice, video, etc. It is similar to a different messaging app like WhatsApp, but it focuses more on user privacy to enhance the overall user experience. Signal software allows us to use a bot to interact with them.

Signal message and Image on a button press

For this project, we will use two buttons connected with ESP32 GPIOs. We will use the above-mentioned message and Image sending functions in this example with a button interface.
We will send a message with the total number of button count when button1 is pressed. And we will send our TO logo as an image when button2 is pressed.

Circuit Diagram

Here is the simple schematic used for this project. It has two buttons tied to an ESP32 GPIOs. Button1 with GPIO23 and Button2 with GPIO22. We will use internal pullups for both switches.

ESP32 to Signal message and Image on a button press