Wearing glasses while using Stereo Ninja

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A DIY digital stereo-microscope. Low cost. Open source software and hardware. For electronics inspection, soldering work and more.

Andreas KahlerAndreas Kahler 06/09/2021 at 11:310 Comments

Just realized that Stereo Ninja has another advantage over conventional stereo microscopes in case you are wearing glasses (like me).

When I do SMT soldering with the stereo microscope at the FabLab München, I take my glasses off. This way it's easier to get a good view through the eye pieces. But every now and then you want to look at your PCB (or the soldering station or some other tool) without microscope. For me (badly short-sighted) this means that I put on and off my glasses all the time. Not the ideal solution....

But with Stereo Ninja I do not have to do this! I'm wearing shutter goggles (over my regular glasses which works surprisingly well, at least with our model) so I get the 3D effect while looking at the monitor, but they still let me inspect my PCB directly perfectly fine! Much smoother workflow! :-D