Physical Cuckoo

I cannot find a watch with physical cuckoo. So I made this watch. I omitted clock hands to save space. The cuckoo and body of this watch is made from woods. Easy to replace the cuckoo to other birds.

Silent Mode

To use in formal place, the silent mode is available. In this mode, the cuckoo is appeared with out chirping.

Clock face

The led powered clock face is here. Due to size restrictions, the clock is displayed in 5 minutes steps.

It shows 10:35 - 10:39. 


Main Board

Main Parts

  • BLE Module (EYSHSNZWZ)
  • ATxmega32E5
  • 128KiB EEPROM
  • RTC module(DS3231M)
  • USB mini-B Connector to charge battery.
  • Audio Amp & Speaker to tweet

Clock Display

12 red and white LEDs are mounted to indicate time. It can be displayed in 5 minutes steps. 

Cuckoo Module

The cuckoo is moved by liner servo motor. 


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