Magic-1 computer on Logisim

Simulate Bill Buzbee's Magic-1 computer with Logisim Evolution

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The Magic-1 computer from Bill Buzbee can be simulated with Logisim Evolution.

This project is a good exercise for learning Logisim Evolution and evaluating its capacities.

It's very easy to use, it's quite capable and delivers when I ask a lot.

The Magic-1 computer from Bill Buzbee is an excellent candidate for evaluating Logisim and see if it can simulate a homemade computer.

  • Running with microcode

    Jacques Pelletier5 days ago 0 comments

    The microcode seems to be running, not sure what it's doing yet.

  • Microcode generator done

    Jacques Pelletier5 days ago 0 comments

    I modified Buzbee's code to generate the microcode from C instead of using scripts.

    Some minor corrections to Logisim files.

  • Batch of fixup done!

    Jacques Pelletier7 days ago 0 comments


    The logic74xxic needed some rework to upgrade to Logisim Ev. 3.4.1:

    5-input gates corrected in all circuits

    Flip-flops corrected, all chip corrected


    The higher schematics were cleaned a lot, upgraded all the chips

    Clock module is implemented with buffer instead of delays.

  • Batch of fixup coming soon

    Jacques Pelletier06/09/2021 at 06:16 0 comments

    I'm currently revising some files, some cleanup in IRDECODE.

  • Completed the circuit, now testing.

    Jacques Pelletier06/06/2021 at 22:13 0 comments

    The version of Magic-1 for the Logisim Evolution software is now ready to test.

    It doesn't include the microcode or software for now.

    About the implementation:

    The implementation follows the circuit as much as possible, except for some functional substitutes.

    The higher level schematics aren't much clean.

    The original logi7404ic.circ library was a bit outdated, but the one in my github account is updated to work with version 3.4.1 of Logisim.

  • Initial commit of files

    Jacques Pelletier05/30/2021 at 18:49 0 comments

    Starting from the schematics on Bill Buzbee's page, I'm currently making the files for Logisim Evolution.

    At the rate which this project is going, the files may be completed in a week or 2.

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