Improve speed/pixel of TOF Camera (2)

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Grumpy Hedgehog is a connected device that allows you to read and interact with movements. Its LCD screen displays the Hedgehog's expression

jeanperardeljean.perardel 10/31/2021 at 12:400 Comments

A new version of the VL53L1 is also available: VL53L1CB. It allows measurements at 60Hz up to 8 meters away. There is also the  VL53L5CX witch give the opportunity to capture 8x8 pixels at 60Hz! 

However, I had already bought several VL53L1CX, so I did my tests with this version (50Hz). So I decided to design a platform allowing to run 4 TOF in parallel in order to increase the performances (and thus the possibilities!) of my detection.

Here is the map I used to make these measurements. It includes 8 connection PINs. 

  1. VCC
  2. SCK
  3. SDA
  4. XSHUT sensor 1
  5. XSHUT sensor 2
  6. XSHUT sensor 3
  7. XSHUT sensor 4
  8. GND

For a distance measurement, I made tests with a Teensy 3.6 card by timing 1000 measurements: 

This adapter card allows me to create a 64 pixels TOF camera at 2.5Hz if I tilt the sensors slightly (Fov 27°). But I can also use each sensor in the same direction and multiply the speed of motion detection.

Using the new VL53L1CB version, we should be able to reach a detection of 200Hz or a camera of 16 pixels at 12.5Hz