Anemosens MCU Board

A project log for AnemoSens - SLA printed anemometer

This is my design of a SLA printed anemometer

FabFab 10/07/2021 at 17:490 Comments

In the last few days I have assembled, tested and programmed the MCU board for Anemosens.

Thanks to the MCU Board it will be possible to use Anemosens as a standalone Anemometer that can be used for long time observations in remote areas (therefore the microSD-card slot) or just as one part of your weatherstation (therefore the RS485 interface).

The RS485 interface is used to make the measured data available via Modbus. This way you can connect the Anemometer easily to your RaspberryPi, PC or many other platforms that support RS485/Modbus. :)

Additionally you can activate a serial-stream of the data (packed as handy JSON) via the USB connection.

And last but not least the integrated ESP32 also opens a BLE Server. Thanks to this you also have the possibility to pull the data wirelessly using your smartphone or computer. 

Of course you can also write your own firmware and program it via the integrated USB-C port. The QWIIC-port makes it easy to connect additional sensors via I2C. :)