First build information available

A project log for AnemoSens - SLA printed anemometer

This is my design of a SLA printed anemometer

FabFab 10/11/2021 at 17:180 Comments

In the last days I added a first build guide on my blog It includes the guide for the sensor PCB and the MCU PCB for Anemosens.

You can find the build guides at the following links:

In previous projects I inserted individual pictures in my build guides showing which components have to be soldered where on the PCB.

An even better way to get an overview of which components belong where on the PCB is provided by the Open Scope Project. With this you can generate very helpful HTML files in which you can see directly which components have to be installed where on the PCB.

You can see the overview for the Anemosens Sensor-PCB here: Anemosens Sensor-PCB

You can see the overview for the Anemosens sensor PCB here: Anemosens_MCU PCB

Additional infos are also available in the git repository of anemosens: