Pi Zero Weather Monitor

A a weather application for the Raspberry Pi 0, the Weather Underground API, and the Pimorioni Inky pHAT.

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The script displays:

- the current temperature
- today's date
- today's temperature range
- tomorrow's temperature range
- a verbal description of today's weather
- weather icons drawn with math and python's drawing library

I wanted to practice working with Python and build a Raspberry Pi project that I would use on a daily basis. My favorite part was figuring out how to draw icons using Python's  [Image Processing Library]( It was a lot of fun to print out a case and figure out a way to mount it on the wall.

The python script that runs the monitor.

py - 8.09 kB - 06/07/2021 at 01:59


  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • 1 × Pimoroni Inky pHAT Red/White/Black eink screen

  • 1
    SSH into your rasberry pi

    ssh pi@[IPADDRESS]

  • 2
    Install the Inky pHAT libraries
  • 3
    Copy the script over to your pi

    scp /path/to/file username@a:/path/to/destination

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