Finally working!

A project log for Wac0m Rip0ff : Wacom I2C hacked!

I broke my YOGA Book touch keyboard while trying to replace the battery, So I have a chance to reverse engineer the Wacom I2C HID digitizer

TinLethaxTinLethax 07/26/2021 at 11:480 Comments

I finally make it working (at least on Windows 10). I already committed to my GitHub, so the latest code is now working! Also, I'm now understanding the way to report the correct hid event, so let me guide through. the number in parentheses corresponding to bit number of actual report. 

Pen report only :

-(7)(6)In-range(5)2nd barrel btn(4)Eraser Tip Down (3)1st barrel btn (2)Invert (1)Pen  Tip Down (0)
No pen00000000
Pen Tip Hove00100000
Pen Tip Down00100001
Eraser Tip Hover00100010
Eraser Tip Down00101010
1st barrel BTN0010010X
2nd barrel BTN0011000X

X means don't care : can be Pen tip touch surface or just hovering.

Total packet report :

Report ID (fixed)0
Pen reportNULLNULLInRangeBT2ErsrBT1invrtPen
X (Lower byte)7<-----0
X (Upper byte)15<-----8
Y (Lower byte)7<-----0
Y (Higher byte)15<-----8
pressure (Lower Byte)7<-----0
pressure (Higher Byte)15<-----8

X max is 21424, Y max is 13390, Pressure max is 2047. all min at 0