Many attempts had done, Really needs help.

A project log for wacom_i2c : HACKED !

I broke my YOGA Book touch keyboard while trying to replace the battery, So I have a chance to reverse engineer the Wacom I2C HID digitizer.

TinLethaxTinLethax 06/25/2021 at 08:200 Comments

I've tried many way to report the event, but it seems like Windows and Linux has difference under the hood input HID system. BTW the HID descriptor I wrote is followed the Microsoft's Document about the necessary HID report and report sequence (hovering pen, pen down, eraser side hovering, etc...). But even I following the Microsoft's guideline. Windows is still acting weird, for example my STM32 doesn't even send the pen down bit, but windows just buggy thinking that the pen is down the whole time render this unusable.

If anyone out there had knowledge about these USB HID report, Digitizer HID. Help would really be appreciated.