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A project log for Live-A-Little

Live bolder knowing that life does not last forever.

John OpsahlJohn Opsahl 06/22/2021 at 22:490 Comments

Our understanding of how much life we have left to live seems to influence our approach to living life to the fullest. Think you have only six months to live? All you may want to do is spend time with family and travel. Going to live for the next thirty years? Maybe going back to school for several years to change to a career you enjoy is worthwhile.  

None of us can predict how much time we have left to live. You could have until tomorrow or sixty years from now. The tendency seems to be either avoid thinking about how much time you may have left or think that you will live an average or above average life span. The reality is that not everyone will live a long life, but it sure seems like you can always live a full life no matter how long you have left to live.

Live-A-Little is an experiment to understand if a daily reminder of how long I may have left to live changes my own approach to living life to the fullest.