• First CAD Design of the UST-Projector

    Alain Mauer16 hours ago 0 comments

    This is the mirrorless version, for the projection tests.

  • Isn't that a crazy optical setup for a projector?

    Alain Mauer3 days ago 0 comments

    But is seems to work. Next step, is the projection surface.

    Very short projection distance, at maximum magnification.

  • The Projector Lens

    Alain Mauer4 days ago 0 comments

    I experimented with some loupes and VR lenses, but was not satisfied with the results.
    So I tried epoxy resin. I managed (by accident) to make a lens with a focus point of a few mm. The first results with this lens are promising, even though it no longer covers the whole display and I can now only use 128x128 pixels. The distortion caused by this lens gives my hologram a special touch. I hope :)

    I held the lens directly in front of the eye and the camera directly on the other side. And the picture is not bad.

  • The Projector Part

    Alain Mauer7 days ago 0 comments

    First I develop the lighting for the LCD display. The display is an ST7735 chipset with a resolution of 128*160 pixels.
    I use a 3W led as the light source. It should be bright enough for my project and will not generate too much heat during continuous operation.
    I also need to make a pre-lens out of resin to focus the light onto the display.

    Here is the first test setup.