I want this device to be a development platform for environmental sensing, warning, logging, health and everyday convenience features in a compact, rugged and sleek package with maximum battery life. I will leave space inside for more capabilities and modding down the line.

Features as of June 10, 2021:

(over 25 Data Points / Features)

Battery:  21.000mAh

For the first functional prototype i am staying in the Arduino and off-the-shelf realm.  I have completed my initial research & testing and while coding the UI, i am now working on the prototype build.

Who is it for?

Why am i making the H6X Pod?

i had the Idea after i returned from India where i had been travelling on Foot, Train and Motorbike from North to South and back. Around March 2020 I was spending my time with new friends in Rishikesh, one of whom slowly got really sick, right when COVID really started in India. We questioned bringing her to the Hospital but couldnt really tell, no doctors to find and the medicine shops gave us wrong or fake antibiotics, which didn't help. So, during that time we had the need for a thermometer but couldn't find any after searching whole Tapovan. Her condition worstened and nothing helped, but after a lot of convincing and back and forth, we brought her to the Rishikesh Hospital, masked up and evading the doctors in the entrances, who were to trying to catch and test all the "Covid Tourists". We found out, after the usual India chaos, that she had a bladder infection that had started spreading to her kidneys and that she had been in quite a bit of danger.

She stayed in the hospital for 4 days, we visited. 

That gave me this idea, what if I could build a thing that had say, a Body Temperature Sensor and a HeartRate monitor and for convenience a Powerbank and a Lamp. We definitely wouldn't have been so clueless and unaware of the danger that she had been in. Our friend slowly got better with the help of the right antibiotics. Soon after that, we decided to leave from Delhi for Germany with the last Government chartered plane, which we almost missed due to the lockdowns. It was an adventure, but luckily everyone got back home safe and healthy.

Whats the vision?

to find a small community and collaborators to develop and test new ideas on this form factor/platform (and maybe a smaller one down the line) in health, environmental and biochemical sensing areas. Reaching out and teaming up with upcoming biochemical sensing companies and researchers. Exploring the modularity, maybe making different versions for different use cases or simple swappable modules. Or integrating existing modular systems (M5 stack). And keeping the H6X Pod open for modding and hacking.

Further into the future (dreaming):

Increasing accuracy of sensors, to the point of getting certified health standards. Eventually designing a commercial version and selling the device(s). Acquiring sustainably sourced materials for production. Start with more expensive limited run, learn from that and scale up to cheaper, bigger volume version.

Feature Ideas/Plans: