Part 0: Making an imprint of my face from a photograph

A project log for 3D-Printed PAPR system

Powered Air-Purifying Respirator system made from off-the-shelf components for use against allergies

Kilian DemmelKilian Demmel 06/24/2021 at 22:190 Comments

In order to finally get started with this project, I decided to grab myself the docker file from Aaron Jackson and taking some selfies using my smartphone. I then ran it through the friendly VRN and inspected it in G3DView (as the VRN creates .OBJ files), which resulted in the lovely picture below.

Figure 1: Inspecting the OBJ file in g3dview, it is shown that I am very edgy.

While very charming, this quality is not as advertised. While I initially planned on using a selfie from my smartphone I just now remembered that I made a high-quality, bio-metric photograph recently for administrative purposes. By tweaking the parameters of the AI and using a better quality source material, it may be possible to get a higher quality imprint of my face.

After that, the OBJ file would be modified in something like OpenSCAD to accommodate to my glasses and have a receptacle for the air inflows / outflows.