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A project log for Message Me

Cute communication between someone younger in your life using EMOJIs.

Trey AughenbaughTrey Aughenbaugh 6 days ago0 Comments

Find out why the web server chokes when serving all the static pages on the first load.

If you are on the emoji screen and receive a new message, it wont know it yet.  Maybe after sending an emoji, also check the REST service again for the number of messages.

Update the Website with a better header image for larger screens.

If no Wifi, instead of going into a reboot frenzy, maybe after X attempts.  Display a message...  "Your wifi is down, press the button to reboot and Try again."

There are two "modes" currently, add a 3rd for no wifi.

Mode 0: Standard bootup and run the publish and subscribe.

Mode 1: HOLDING down button while turning on or holding the button down for 6 seconds got into Mode 1.  It  disables publish and subscribe and be an AP for the config options.

Mode 2: NEW..  No Wifi, do something different.

Maybe add the ArduinoOTA library so I can send my friend any updates I think she should try so I can give this to her to enjoy now while I work on all the new fun.