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A project log for Display Squared

A display that puts on a display. Images are created using colored water that's precisely jetted through the air into a 100 x 56 pixel grid

zachfrewzachfrew 06/13/2021 at 21:570 Comments

Let's start this update with a colorful video of me milling the polycarbonate pressure vessel bottoms. Most of the space in my apartment is taken up by various machines including this Shapeoko CNC Router. Unfortunately, I live in a fairly typical apartment building, and I'm not sure my neighbors would appreciate the unbridled noise of my Shapeoko at work. As a result, I built an MDF and acoustic foam enclosure for the Shapeoko which gets the router mostly within acceptable noise levels. The RGB LEDs were a necessary touch to the enclosure. 

Pictured below are all the components necessary for mounting the pressure vessel to a load cell. All that's left to do for a rough proof of concept is to assemble it all together and see if the fluid launches approximately as far as I'm expecting for a given height.