This is the mask to be used in the project already attached to a CD/DVD motor.

The students want to start by trying two simple light sensors: the BH1750 and the TSL2561 shown in the picture aside the optical switch (saved from some broken printer) to be used in the external part of the disc.

This is the old Oriel monochromator. The plexiglass window in the picture holds a plain Nikon F3 viewfinder for demonstrations, it will be removed for this project and replaced by a horizontal slit.

This is the poor's man Hg radiation source, a mercury E27 80 W/220 VAC lamp (whose external bulb was cut and removed) inserted in a aluminium case with heat dissipators. The fan is a 220 VAC model with ball bearings .

This was the original optical setup described in Poppi R.J. PhD thesis, (a) entrance slit, (b) mirrors, (c) diffraction grating, (d) mask motor, (e) Hadamard mask rotating disk, (f) internal reflective optical switch, (g) radial optical switch, (h) photodiode detector, (i) focusing mirror.