Quantity   Component name
1 × DLP® LightCrafter™ Evaluation Module Details, and downloads here: https://www.ti.com/store/ti/en/p/product/?p=DLPLIGHTCRAFTER
2 × Front surface mirrors Two of them for the "closed version". No need for the "open frame" version
1 × Udoo X86 Pc or equivalent Used to control the DLP projector. It can be used standalone, without a PC; but if you want to switvh between diffferent 3d models, you have to load a "solution" (set of 96 images, with timings and settings) into the DLP. I used an Udoo X86, with touch 7" monitor, built into the VVD. In this way the VVD is portable, and does not need external deivces to work.
2 × Stepper motors: Nema 11, 28x28x51mm 2 or 4 depending on the configuration
1 × Stepper driver TMC1141 I used a Trinamic TMC1141 board, that can be connected direclty to the trigger input of the DLP.
1 × Frame CNC cut plexiglass for the Open frame version. Laser cut metal parts for the closed frame.
1 × Power converter: LM2596 used in the open frame version
1 × Rubber bands, black, 50mm A lot of them! They wear out after one full day of use.
1 × Rear projection transparent film, A4
1 × Power supply, 24V