Lockpicking, wire&metal puzzles and chess

A project log for Hacker Olympics 2016 at MakeRÄ«ga hackerspace

An event our hackerspace organised

ArsenijsArsenijs 11/09/2016 at 03:080 Comments

Challenge 3: LOCKPICKING 1

A set of lockpicks appeared right next to this padlock. Must've been magic, seeing as it's borderline legal to use them in our circumstances. At least we are sure we haven't seen who put them where they are.

Challenge 4: LOCKPICKING 2

The lock is the same old tumbler lock, just embedded in a door of a small drawer. Given that the drawer doesn't have a top wall, picking a lock seems to be an exercise in futility but what the hell, you wanna earn points or what?

Two locks in question in their natural habitat

Challenge 25: PUZZLES

Lots of them with different solutions. You can always consult the Internet when nobody's looking - ain't nobody stopping you from hacking the hacking challenge.


Can you beat a piece of plywood at chess? Connect it to your computer, open your favourite serial terminal and find out!