First cut of VT100 simulator

A project log for VT100 simulator and 3D printed replica

Simulator for the VT100 hardware. Running inside Gardi's 3D model.

Lars BrinkhoffLars Brinkhoff 06/12/2021 at 16:280 Comments

With the 8080 CPU in place I fleshed out the simulator with the various VT100 hardware components.  I have previously added a few terminal emulators to Angelo Papenhoff's suite of vintage terminal emulators, so it was natural to use that as a starting point.  I was able to quickly get the basic emulator up and running.  The suite has support for rendering characters with a pleasant soft scanline appearance, which looks nice but is not really a good match for the VT100 video hardware.  I hacked the code to stretch characters for double width and height text; if you look closely it's obvious the scaling isn't done properly.