• Nick Fury's Toolbox - storage box hub

    el.mino06/12/2021 at 09:16 0 comments

    As I am completely new to building thing I'll start this project slowly and little by little.

    So to start, I will be building first the storage box inspired by Marvel's Nick Fury's Toolbox.

    I already have :
    - the Toolbox > I bought it from Etsy, and had it made completely hollow with each panels unattached.
    - I also have a tiny USB drive > 256Go, bought on Amazon
    - a USB light blue led

    I am now looking for a way to connect it all and turn it into a usb hub, with a usb female output so I could plug and unplug easily the Toolbox from the future desktop tabletop (where I'll have a slot with a usb male input)