Raspberry Pi Zero Prism

Pi Zero Prism is the upgraded version of Pi Zero Smart glass.Uses Image,Facial,ocr recognition,and browse Internet on it.

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Designed by Ricardo Ferro | Licensed under CC BY 3.0
I didn't want to buy Google glass so I made Pi Prism thats customizable.

I'm selling a Pi Prism Pre-built. If anyone wants one send me a private message.

New Video of the Pi Prism Added new 16.5 x 38 DCX lens. With the Penta-prism the people facing you do not see the screen (mainly for privacy). Also I made the eyepiece bridge longer.

Blurry Picture taken with iphone (the screen is crispy clear irl)

OCR recognition demo above

older video of a Short demo of Pi Prism(with 14mm dia 20mm focal optics) with varying brightness sensor and prism.

Updated Pi Prism Design files

Zip Archive - 235.51 kB - 12/12/2016 at 21:27



updated piholder top plate for HDMI

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 806.68 kB - 11/18/2016 at 03:57



Updated The Front piece Print File

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 781.35 kB - 11/18/2016 at 03:14


piprism 3d print files + code

Zip Archive - 154.81 kB - 11/09/2016 at 17:57


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  • 1 × Raspberry Pi3 for Quick Programming, and switching card into pi zero.
  • 1 × PI NOIR Camera V2 or Pi Camera V2
  • 1 × Silicon 30AWG wires (variety of colors is recommended)
  • 1 × 20x SMD Tactile Pushbutton Key Switch Momentary Tact 2 Pins
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 Camera Edition
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 Camera Cable(from Waveshare)
  • 1 × MINI Touch Switch USB
  • 1 × Kopin BDM 640*480 922K Display Module or similar
  • 1 × Prism-Quarton Beam Splitter Penta Prism 14.25x14.24x10 mm
  • 1 × 16.5mm x 38 Double Convex lens Uncoated

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  • Captains log #9

    Ricardo Ferro5 days ago 0 comments

    Currently drawing out a PCB design (a lot better than regular wires) resulting in a thinner pi glass.

  • Captains Log #7

    Ricardo Ferro12/18/2016 at 20:45 1 comment

    Updated and building another Pi Prism and I still have some experimental printed optical lens from form labs (just need to sand it with very fine grit ) also I will experiment with a smaller camera.

    After that ill add another branch which the Prism will be built on the Chip Pro which is smaller than the pi zero. Most likely based on the specs i might have to order a chip module and design a board around it ( ;-;).

  • Captains log #6

    Ricardo Ferro12/05/2016 at 18:46 0 comments

    updated the front stl (below)

    Below I reduced the prism holder bridge to further improve viability

    Scrapped the flexible button bridge in favor for a pla-flexible joint (To move the prism out of field view). Also a new smaller button bridge.

    Integrated cover into the Pi cover stl (instead having a seperate loose cover)

    Update will be pushed in a few hours as PiPrismV2

  • Captains log #5

    Ricardo Ferro12/05/2016 at 01:46 0 comments

    Image result for thinking

    Anyone that manages to connect a Bluetooth headset (microphone/speakers) to the Raspberry Pi post the stable solution below in the comments section. I wanted to use the bluetooth headphones for real time language translation to add on to the Pi Prism.

    Here is some info I scraped up

  • Captains log #5

    Ricardo Ferro12/05/2016 at 01:12 0 comments

    Bluetooth HeadsetBlue tooth Microphone doesn't work
    Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse Combo

    Bluetooth keyboard issue

  • Captains log #4

    Ricardo Ferro11/24/2016 at 03:56 0 comments

    experimenting with flexy filament for buttonholder bridge

  • Captains log #3

    Ricardo Ferro11/18/2016 at 03:24 0 comments

    Fixing the Piholder stl file.

    Includes a cutout for HDMI output, I will upload in the next 30 minutes

  • Captains log #2

    Ricardo Ferro11/16/2016 at 21:26 0 comments

    fixed the borders with overscan

    overscan_left =       -16
    overscan_right =     -80
    overscan_top =       -32
    overscan_bottom = -32

    ^before i noticed a big black borders of unused pixels,im currently adjusting overscan.

  • Captains log #1

    Ricardo Ferro11/11/2016 at 14:17 0 comments

    Above are the old lens used on the Youtube video, caused colorful distortion.

    New lens, with better focus, less distortion.

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  • 1

    here we have the Kopin 922k, we will extract the lcd module only.

  • 2

    Unscrew the case the holds the microlcd

  • 3

    Becareful not to damage the ribbon cable connected to the microLCD

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ActualDragon wrote 11/17/2016 at 15:31 point

yeah, AWESOME project, it's a poorman's google glass. 

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Ricardo Ferro wrote 11/17/2016 at 18:57 point


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Michael wrote 11/17/2016 at 11:51 point

Very nice project.

Can you give more detail about the optics / prism, where to buy etc.

Do you think this monocular will fit also?

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Ricardo Ferro wrote 11/17/2016 at 18:57 point

Thank you!

The optics I used are from
its the 16.5 x 38mm FL, Grade 1, Double-Convex Lens
The Penta Prism i used are 
The monocular will fit but the optics FL may differ since the micro display size might be different. Just measure the focal length between the stock lens and the micro display.

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