Modernizing the earpiece

A project log for SmartPhone - Antique Hand Crank Telephone

Bringing an antique wooden hand crank telephone from the 1890's into the app age

JonJon 06/22/2021 at 16:240 Comments

I replaced the speaker in the earpiece with a modern 40mm 3W driver. The original speaker may have worked but I wanted modern audio quality.

I printed a bracket to hold the new speaker in place of the old one. The fit was snug but I added a dab of vibration resistant glue to keep the speaker from rattling.
I sleeved some cable in brown paracord so it looks period correct.
Soldered the cable to the speaker and added zip ties for strain relief. The earpiece is quite heavy and if dropped without strain relief it would damage the wires.
This all fit into the earpiece nicely and was held perfectly in place by the cover.

Finished Earpiece