The picture tells the story.  How does one person move hundreds of pounds of rock out of a hole?

The wooden members are rough cut oak 2x4's, and they are just lashed together with the chain at the top.  Once I got the rock clear of the hole I moved another pair of 2x4's under it and wound up using my come along to drag it to the shore of the pond.

This was just the fun part.  There was a day of digging to get to that point and there were a lot of small rocks that that were all interlocked, that had to be dug out.  And after the rock was removed there was a lot of digging out in the pasture to get enough dirt to fill the hole back in after the small rocks were replaced.

And the ever so fun part, tunneling under the big rock once it was lose to get a chain around it so it could be lifted.

On the plus side I was able to get the sod off the top mostly intact and with the rain and sun we have had so far this spring it is hard to tell where the rock came from.

I have a few more rocks out in the yard  that I do not scalp.  I am not sure if I want to extract them or not.  This one looked basketball sized from what I could see exposed.