Display Engine - HoloBlade SLM

A project log for Holographic Wavefront Cylindrical Display

A 360-degree cylindrical display driven by Holographic Wavefront Projection Principles

andrew-kadisAndrew Kadis 06/14/2021 at 08:100 Comments

A key challenge with CGH (Computer-Generated Holography) Displays is the 'actuator' to manipulate the wavefront. These are typically expensive, niche scientific equipment and not readily available for general use. 

In the spirit of making Holographic technologies more widely available, HoloBlade has been developed. This is the world's first open-source SLM driver-stack considering of a SLM, the supporting electronics, optical-breadboard compatible mechanical housing, FPGA driver RTL-Logic and the PC-side software to driver the SLM.

The repository for HoloBlade can be found on github at

The HoloBlade 'whitepaper' has been peer-reviewed and published in Applied Optics at Further technical details of the driver-stack and design can be found in this paper.

This project shall utilise HoloBlade as the 'display engine' for the wavefront projection. HoloBlade driver stack:

HoloBlade PCB:

PCB Regions: