Day 7

A project log for Stargate Wall Clock

This is a wall clock in the shape of a Stargate. The main visual elements are a 60-LED ring mounted behind a laser-cut and etched stargate.

VincentVincent 10/16/2021 at 17:310 Comments

Tried to replicate but the LED ring display was really wierd. Followed recommendation of powering ring separately, using 6v generator, but didn't change the weirdness. For some reason, Arduino Leonardo setup didn't work at all (ring lighting was static - no movement), whereas using an Adafruit ItsyBitsy (Adruino Pro Micro) got some movement on the ring, but not the expected movement.

Managed to improve somewhat my understanding of libraries and how to use them :D

Managed to set time on the RTC :D

Managed to run "strandtest" from the fastLED library and everything seems to be working on the ring.

So I guess my main objective right now is to get the RTC to provide a signal that will be converted into something legible on the ring. So far the projects I've found have been helpful. I can't make them work, but there are sufficient common points between them that I can start to figure out what I'll need to include, if I want and am able to code something more or less from scratch.

So, I'd say what I need to learn is :

- how to light up different parts of the ring in different ways. Trying out super basic sketches with one or two functions should help.

- how to convert time input into information that will be useful for lighting up the ring.

- linking time info with desired lighting output (functional and pretty) on the ring.

I've put the chassis design (stargate front, container, prospective cable management, battery holders, etc.) on hold, as it doesn't seem to be the right time (haha), and it's hard enough to focus on the one task of coding something functional, when I'm learning how to do so, pretty much from scratch. Maybe if I need a break from not making progress on the code.