Day 7a

A project log for Stargate Wall Clock

This is a wall clock in the shape of a Stargate. The main visual elements are a 60-LED ring mounted behind a laser-cut and etched stargate.

VincentVincent 10/16/2021 at 17:580 Comments

Finally found a project where the code runs something legible on the ring: :D

I'll be able to use this as a functional reference. It'll need some modification, as it's supposed to work with 2 rings.

The Led ring clock in the above project as it's configured draws 90mA. This includes always on hour indicators, whick I'm hoping won't be necessary.

When powering the whole circuit through the ProMicro's BAT pin, the power draw was 84mA. Not sure why it seems to draw less than when the generator was powering only the led ring, but it gives me a general idea of how much the circuit consumes. I'll look into ways to reduce power consumption, but this isn't a priority.