Configuring Wiring, Solar Power and Storage

A project log for Solar Display Case

Three portable low-power 17 inch monitors stored in a rolling briefcase with five 20 watt solar panels for power anywhere

Brian WhitsettBrian Whitsett 06/14/2021 at 14:430 Comments

Getting closer to the finish line! The wiring includes both power and display cables in addition to a solar panel and portable power bank. The monitors are powered by two USB-C cables providing 5 volts running into a rocker switch that controls the power from the portable power bank. The power bank is charged from a micro USB cable running to the solar panel on the exterior of the case. I was originally going to use foam to hold the wiring in place but since this is portable and foam is horrible for the environment I decided to just use stand-offs instead to give the cables enough space to not interfere with any of the other case components. The standoffs are made with 100% recycled materials including bottle caps and defect scuff protectors from a craft store that purchases the defective products from hardware and department stores for resale.