The Third Monitor

A project log for Solar Display Case

Three portable low-power 17 inch monitors stored in a rolling briefcase with five 20 watt solar panels for power anywhere

Brian WhitsettBrian Whitsett 06/20/2021 at 12:360 Comments

For the third monitor in my project, I am going to use a screen from an old laptop with a bad motherboard to continue illustrating the importance of re-use and green technologies. For the sake of time, I will be ordering a driver board for the screen online, but Arsenijs has a really cool and comprehensive project all about laptop display reuse that you can checkout for making your own driver board and understanding more about the art of bringing new life to any laptop screen. My plan is to have the display be facing the user (obviously) with the solar panel being the rear of the screen assembly facing the sun to provide power to the battery. The driver board for the laptop display will be sandwiched between the two in order to hide the cables. I will likely need to build a frame to hold everything in place. Here are some new design schematics!