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A low-power selectable frequency generator

scottScott 02/06/2017 at 08:280 Comments

ATtiny12L Selectable Frequency Generator

Over a decade ago, I was exposed to a new kind of technology. Well, rather it was old technology but I was newly exposed to it. Let me explain… Some one had asked me to research this subject on personal and private healing methodologies. Here’s what I discovered: Back in the 1920’s, a man named Dr. Royal Rife was looking for a cure for cancer. He found that he needed to invent a new light source for his microscope just to see the live cancer cells he was able to grow. He found out that there are two viruses responsible. He called them the BX and BY viruses, now known as Carcinoma and Sornoma. Once he could see the live cells, he could look for a way to kill them. He tried all sorts of methods but stumbled across frequencies. He found that when he exposed them to certain frequencies of a low energy electro-magnetic field, they would disintegrate. The claims are that he then “cured” many people of cancer and other diseases and tried to make the public aware of his findings through the AMA who criticized him and would not validate his research. He fought with the leaders of the AMA for many years and sometime in the 50’s died while in the hospital under “suspicious circumstances”. There is a book entitled “The Cancer Cure that Worked!” (ISBN: 0-919951-30-9) that tells his story.

I also ran across more information by a researcher who had studied and followed Dr. Rife’s work. Sometime in the 80’s, a woman named Dr. Hulda Clark, continuing Dr. Rife’s research, figured out which specific frequencies disintegrated all known pathogens to man at the time (bacteria, mold, mildews, parasites and viruses). She spent 10 years researching this and has published a few books. One is called “The Cure for All Diseases” ISBN#1-890035-01-7. I’ve found the book as a PDF file on the internet but it is missing all the photos. Better to just purchase the book which list price is @21.95. I think I purchased mine for $16. You can google “Hulda Clark” and “Royal Rife” for some info on that. She claims that she came up with a frequency and an electronic device, called a “zapper”, that she found was effective in eradicating all pathogens.

Further research led me to another man by the name of Don Croft. He is the “inventor” of “Orgonite” (Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered Orgone in the mid 50’s). Don used to sell a unit of his own for US$125 called “The Terminator”, which emitted a frequency of 15 Hz. It was a “zapper” of sorts. When I researched it, he had lots of positive sounding testimonials from folks using these types of devices. His web site was

For more information, punch up “royal rife”, “hulda clark”, “zapper”, “frequency healing” on any web search engine.

After all that research, I was intrigued. My offspring were young and in PUBLIC school. The other children at school were always sick from something and on occasion, my offspring would pick up a cold or runny nose. I thought since the circuit was so easy to build that I would just build one to try it myself. After the build, I used it with my offspring a few times when they exhibited symptoms of some illness coming and they seemed to get better within a day or two.

I did some more research and found some web sites that were offering other frequencies for various conditions. Even Dr. Rife had published many frequency sets for a whole bunch of different conditions, some of which I had never heard of.

At that time, I was playing with the ATMEL ATtiny12L, an 8-pin MCU. I got the idea that if I could program the AVR to select and emit several different frequencies for various uses then I would be happy. Of all the frequencies I ran across and noted, I selected what I thought were the “top 5” and came up with a simple design that used a 3 volt source (2 @ AAA batteries), a single push-button, an LED, a charge-pump to get the output up to 9 volts and a means to make contact with the skin. Don Croft used copper rounds for his “Terminator”. I just used some pennies.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHand-wired on a perf-board

The frequencies I selected were; 1) Dr. Clark’s “zapper” protocol at 2500 Hz, 2) 16,396 Hz for “pain relief”, 3) 565 Hz for “tissue regeneration”, 4) 111 Hz for “cramps” and 15 Hz because Don Croft was using 15 Hz in his terminator.

I built my unit on a perf-board that fit nicely into a small RADIO SHACK project box. I used a PCB layout program to make it easier to place and wire the components correctly. Sadly, I no longer have the artwork files.

_wg100v11Disclaimer: I have only used this unit for personal, private entertainment purposes. I cannot make any claims about its effectiveness. I highly suggest that the reader perform his/her own due diligence and research this topic before attempting to build or use this frequency generator for anything other than as a piece of test equipment. I am not responsible for how any one uses the circuit or program but I live by the principle that we are free to experiment privately without government interference as long as we injure no others.

Note: I have not done so but the source code could be modified to be used with an ATtiny13A or an ATtiny25 if an ATtiny12L cannot be obtained.

A PDF of the schematic is here. A ZIP file of the source code is here. WORDPRESS does not allow ZIP files so just drop the JPG extension off the file.