Aurora: Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting for any display that just works! A DIY solution that lets you extend and enhance your viewing experience!

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Aurora is an ambient lighting project built off a Raspberry Pi 4, OpenCV in Python, an HDMI splitter, capture card and a WS2812 LED strip. It lets you enhance your viewing experience by having the screen extend beyond the borders of your display as well as make you feel like you are more immersed in what you are watching.

Think of watching an underwater scene where the background of your television is blue or a scene with a flashlight (s) where instead of the light hitting the edge of the display and stopping its extended into your room. Someone waving a flaming torch around the lights up the edges near the torch.

A webserver running on the Pi lets you easily configure your setup, look at what Aurora can view as well as pick different visualisations to either be interactive; based on the input video or audio (or both!); or to simply be something to enjoy looking at.

The project is open source and built in a way to allow you to extend it to do whatever you want!

The project writeup of how I got here and what I did can be seen at


Velcro'd behind the display

JPEG Image - 305.93 kB - 06/15/2021 at 01:19



Picking the different extensions

JPEG Image - 97.40 kB - 06/15/2021 at 01:19



Extension Loaded screen in the webapp

JPEG Image - 110.65 kB - 06/15/2021 at 01:16



Viewing what is on the screen and what the pixels are set to dynamically from the extension

JPEG Image - 81.83 kB - 06/15/2021 at 01:16



Configuration screen ( No more counting LEDs )

JPEG Image - 90.05 kB - 06/15/2021 at 01:16


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  • 1 × Pi4 2GB - $35
  • 1 × HDMI Capture card - $8
  • 1 × HDMI Splitter - $29 or $47
  • 1 × LED Strip - $25
  • 1 × Meanwell Power supply - $20

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  • Aurora Examples

    Andrew MacPherson06/15/2021 at 01:29 0 comments

    These examples are all from an Nvidia Shield running at 4K with Dolby Atmos. It will do HDR10 where available but not dolby vision (this is proprietary and the switch cannot downscale it)

    Ambient Light Test Video (YouTube)

    Avatar Fire example (4K from Disney+ via Shield Pro)

    Fluid Motion Demo

    Audio Spectrogram (using colour wheel)

    Netflix intro 

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