Mobile, Micro USB Flash Drive (2013)

It was 2013, mobile devices were on the rise, yet they lacked convenient removable storage. Been there. Fixed that.

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So you were thrilled with your brand new Nexus 7 tablet. Revolutionary! Opted for the 16GB model and ran out of space? Yeah. Me too.

Back in the day, one couldn't just walk into Walmart and pick up a micro USB flash drive, they just weren't popular enough. So I made my own.
  • 1 × Hirose ZX20 Connector Micro USB connector
  • 1 × Hirose ZX20 Connector Housing Micro USB Housing
  • 1 × SanDisk Cruzer Fit CZ33 Flash Drive guts
  • 1 × 3D Printed Flash Drive Housing Housing
  • 1 × Vise

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  • 1
    Step 1

    Getting Started

    In order to get started you should have some basic tools of the DIY trade. Additionally, you will need the parts for the actual drive.

  • 2
    Step 2

    Preliminary Step:

    Required for this step:

    • Sandisk Cruzer Fit
    • Computer

    Assuming you do not want the Sandisk SecureAccess™ software on the flash drive, I recommend removing it via format of your new flash drive.

    Once complete, you should have all the space of the flash drive available.

  • 3
    Step 3

    Required for this step:

    • Vise
    • Pliers
    • Cruzer Fit

    In order to get to the interesting stuff, we need to remove the NAND module from the housing.

    Insert the Cruzer Fit into the vise by the USB connector, making sure the plastic housing is not clamped.

    Use the pliers to grab the plastic housing and pull straight back. It may require a bit of fidgeting to break the plastic free from the metal USB plug. Just be cautious not to bend the unit left or right as the NAND module resides partially inside the metal plug, doing so may result in fracturing of the memory. Aside from opening the packaging, this step is by far the easiest. The housing should slide out without much effort.

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