Quantity   Component name
1 × ESP8266 / NodeMCU v3 Running the Lua firmware, with relevant modules.
1 × Relay board (3.3v input controlling 240v switches) As many channels as you have heaters; I have 2
2 × Vivarium heater lamps I have a 50W and a 100W lamp
3 × DHT22 temperature / humidity sensors
1 × PWM-controlled 3.3v fan I have a Noctua, which is controllable down to 0 RPM
1 × Stand for the heater bulbs
1 × USB power supply For the NodeMCU
1 × For weighing: Another ESP8266 / NodeMCU v3
1 × For weighing: 5kg strain gauge I got a unit from Amazon with the platform attached to it
4 × Neodymium magnets, small To keep the wood against the door seals