RFID Snitch - Yet Another RFID Reader

But this time with some flair

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Yes, it's yet another RFID reader project! But this time, it's a bit more elaborate.
This puts the dumped data into a handy-dandy binary format for you to do nefarious things such as faking the pesky RFID tags found on things like coffee capsules (gasp!), and while it's doing so it shows a fake game screen to mask what it's doing. Think of the evil Scannerz toy.

This has two separate components that work together.

- Hardware side (Bluetooth RFID dumper)
- Software side (Phone facade app)

You'll see why it's called RFID Snitch shortly after.

The phone app looks like a game, not too dissimilar from that of Po-ke Man Stopn't. It will even show various animations and a fake monster that you "caught" while it's at it.

The hardware side of the things will be made up of these:

  • RC522 RFID reader
  • ESP32-WROOM-32
  • Various bits and bobs for power regulation

And will be tasked with the role of taking the data from the RFID card and sending it over the BLE connection (or just Bluetooth if that's too complex)

The phone takes in the data, then it uses the first 8 bytes to make a character. It will generate a random name based on that (since the seed data is identical it will always produce the same character per dump)

The save data is the dumped card data, and you can open this in various RFID card writer software.

The process of dumping the card data is not visible to the general people, hence the name: RFID Snitch. It is a double agent.

Of course, because this can be used for actual nefarious purposes I will put some measures to dissuade this behavior, such as ignoring the volume control and playing a sound from the app (like the camera apps), or flashing the flash LED, as well as having the reader play a specific sound.

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