Safety Minute - Spring steel is not your friend

A project log for Simple Backdrop screen for Video Conferencing

The idea is to create a simple backdrop that can be assembled/built at home for non-ideal workspaces

SteamfoundrySteamfoundry 06/20/2021 at 08:250 Comments

Spring steel isn't your friend. It only has one interest in the world.. returning to its original shape.  

So be prepared for that.  Expect it to try to snap and get loose.  

- Wear safety glasses.  Consider wearing gloves

- Let it relax when doing any cutting. You don’t want it to jump when you get through the cut

- Have space around you.  If it gets loose it can easily send small things off your desk flying

Above all, consider what might go wrong before you start trying to make your loop. 

Also, when cutting it I recommend mini bolt cutters.  Much faster than a saw and better control.