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A project log for Neotron Pico

A microATX motherboard that uses a Raspberry Pi Pico as the CPU. SuperVGA output, stereo audio, a BIOS written in Rust and not much RAM!

Jonathan 'theJPster' PallantJonathan 'theJPster' Pallant 07/07/2021 at 19:000 Comments

I put the broken board to one side and built up a second. It has a bodge putting a 10k between the base of the PNP and its pad. With this I can start up the Pico with the power switch, using the STM32 for debouncing, and then power it off with a long press!

I then tried to get video out of the Pico using the Pico SDK. Sadly, it's a mess because the SDK is really not designed for 12 bit colour. I'll need to hack it a bit to test the DAC properly.