Process 01, an open source 2 layer PCB process

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Process 01 docs

Sources of the process description to build on this process and/or contribute improvements

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Process 01.pdf

Step by step guide to reproduce the process

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HydrogenTime wrote 06/23/2021 at 08:09 point

After spending so much time in this process, my plans are currently to exploit it "as is" for a couple of hardware projects. I'll be pushing it towards smaller traces and via sizes though, as I'll be making SMD boards.

As for reducing the number of steps, the big improvement would be an electroless-only process, skipping all the electrolytic plating steps.Of course, a quick and sure way to shave off steps is to tin plate the board (or just leave it bare copper) instead of going for a solder mask.

Many of the projects I make are one off, the prototype is also the final unit, so I do care about making a "good looking" PCB that will last and not oxidize. I may consider adding steps and go for silkscreen, maybe. On the opposite end, I guess some may be interested in the process to make a rapid prototype to test an idea quick, and then go for a professionally made PCB after they're sure it works. For them, an electroless-only process that stops at the bare copper would be the quickest and most effective.

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Dan Maloney wrote 06/21/2021 at 18:44 point

Hey, I really enjoyed watching you work through this process. Really looking forward to improvements -- how many steps do you think you can shave off? Great looking PCBs too -- very professional! Maybe you should try silkscreening them too...

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