Single phase energy meter

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This is a single phase energy meter with 3.0" TFT touchscreen displaying all parameters important in AC power monitoring such as voltage, current, active/reactive/apparent power, power factor, accumulated import/export energy, energy direction etc.
It is based on MCP39F511 and PIC32MM0256GPM028.

Measured values are displayed in numerical and graphical form. User can switch between screens by taping on left or right side of touchscreen. Additionally, display shows current time, power-up and last power cut timestamps. I chose RV-3028C as RTC and it works very well.

All measurements are logged into the SPI FLASH memory SST26WF080B which can store up to 16384 logs. (i used 1.8V "WF" version with level converter instead of 3.3V version because i got them very cheap). Default logging interval is 5 mins but it can be set in the range from 10s to 20min.
Reading data logs and changing settings and parameters is done by USB or remotely via RF transceiver RFM75 (USB dongle on PC side). RF control is not implemented yet, but I'm working on it.
Energy meter enumerates as CDC (virtual COM port) once it is connected to computer. It is possible to use any terminal software to read logs or set parameters.
Current FW version supports 7 commands:
--DT<hhmmssddmmyy> - set time and date
--READ<> - read current measurement
--ENER<> - read all energy accumulators (temporary and total)
--LOGS<> - read all logs from external FLASH memory
--LPER<ssss> - set the logging interval (in seconds)
--?LPER<> - read the logging interval
--DISP<n> - change screen (n: 0-primary display, 1-apparent power plot, 2-active power plot, 3-reactive power plot, 4-current plot, 5-voltage plot, 6-info screen)

This project is far from done and I want to add many other features (e.g. calibration). Hopefully i will update soon.

USB dongle for remote reading and control (not working yet)

  • 1 × OPEN-SMART 3.0 " inch TFT LCD Shield module Touch Screen Breakout Board with Touch Pen for Arduino
  • 1 × PIC32MM0256GPM028
  • 1 × MCP39F511
  • 1 × SST26WF080B

  • Testing

    Miroslav Hancar09/15/2021 at 19:18 0 comments

    I did some testing to verify that samples are correctly logged into the FLASH memory. I've been able to read them back through USB and plot some of them in excel. Plots show power consumption of my Ender 3 Pro 3D printer as well as voltage variation during the print (logging period is 2s).

  • RF communication and 3D printed enclosure

    Miroslav Hancar08/29/2021 at 16:43 0 comments

    RF communication is finally working. It wasn't easy to get those cheap chinese RF modules working but this library helped me a lot.

    Two new commands have been added:
    --RFCH<xxx> - set RF channel (0-127)
    --AD<aaaaaaaaaa> - set 5-byte address for RF communication (HEX)
    These two commands are also used for setting the USB dongle on PC side, which must have the same channel and address as energy meter you want communicate with.

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