“The flux capacitor makes time travel possible”

A project log for Rämixx500 - Amiga 500+ Mainboard

Open Hardware Remake of this Commodore Masterpiece

Edoardo AUTERIEdoardo AUTERI 06/25/2021 at 13:380 Comments

All capacitors (ceramic and aluminium electrolytic) are in place. I suggest starting with soldering capacitors because they guarantee better circuit protection against Electrostatic discharge (ESD) while parts being mounted manually.

I have upgraded C814 and C816 from the original 100µF / 16V to 470µF / 25V because I am going to install Terrible Fire and Vampire accelerator cards.

Both cards require a huge surge peak of current from the 5V line.

Moreover, C324 and C334 are the aluminium electrolytic type for audio application (22µF / 35V). Well, while not improving sound quality directly, audio-designed capacitors do make it easier for the amplifier to perform its best. Nichicon offers low ripple and harmonic distortion response at low-frequency and high-frequency ranges.

Very good quality capacitors give vibrant and crystal clear audio.

Next step: resistors.